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Our clients' happiness means everything to us.

Here's what they have to say...

In my business, where I work with artists every day, Sarah Reiss is far and above one of the most professional, versatile, hands-on, detail-oriented and inspiring artists I have yet to work with. I love working with her on commercial space design and build-outs. She brings such a strong work ethic, and such a high level of artistry & vision that it inspires everyone else on the project to up their ante as well. In my experience, when it comes to finding the right person to help you develop and execute a quirky, smart, and out-of-the-box vision, Sarah stands out above any other choice out there. She can transform a commercial space by simply adding one of her collection pieces, or (if you are lucky enough) she will create an entire environment that will draw customers and inspire them to linger. Sarah Reiss is a rare gem in the design business and I can't say enough about her as an artist and as a person."

-Molly Gaddy-Walters

Owner, ARTIFACT Boutique and Events
Las Vegas, NV


Your work is 


Keep it up...

–Brandon & Pamela Munoz

Land of Monk & Honey

“Working with Sarah was truly a pleasure from day-one! Her attention to detail and excellent communication were fantastic right from the very beginning.  My initial order was for a custom desk, but we loved her and her work so much that our order soon evolved into not only my dream desk, but also a custom headboard, footboard, and the most amazing 12-foot dining table I've ever seen. 

I traveled to Dallas to pick the items up from Sarah’s studio and felt first-hand the love and attention she put into each piece. The passion that she has for taking care of her clients is truly displayed in every aspect of her work, from the email updates, to the progress photos on her website, to the care she took in helping to pack my U-Haul. Needless to say, I’ve been telling all of my admiring friends about how great it is to have my very own custom furniture maker, and I can’t wait to order more.
                               -Shannon Sebastian
                      Tulsa, OK

“Our home was full of Ikea furniture and pieces my parents were willing to part with when my husband and I got married. About a year ago, we moved to a new apartment with an office. My husband needed a desk for his office, and I decided it was time we get a quality piece of furniture. My husband is very particular and doesn't like just anything. Sarah heard me talk about my problems with finding the perfect desk, a statement piece we could keep forever, and she got to work.

She found the most gorgeous piece of cedar and started crafting our desk. . Not only is the desk absolutely perfect for us and a beautiful piece we'll cherish forever, but it's obvious a lot of time and care was put into it. When we picked up the piece, Sarah ran her hand along it and pointed out her favorite grooves. She explained the cedar would continue to give off a wonderful aroma, and it has. Going from mass-produced Ikea to a piece that was so carefully and lovingly made has been wonderful.”  

                        –Krista & David Higbee
                                 Dallas, TX

Working with Sarah is a breeze. She translates any design concept I give her into a great finished product. Plus, she is a true professional from start to finish, so there's never any worry about quality or meeting deadlines. She handles any unexpected challenges that come up with creative solutions that surpass my expectations.
                – Sibylle Bauer, Art Consultant, Dallas, TX

We can't say enough about the pleasure of working with Sarah. We had some ideas about what we wanted and through her vision, professionalism, and creativity...and a lot of hard work...she turned our ideas into a phenomenal dining table that is a centerpiece of our home.  

We can't wait to work with her again!

Lisa and Scott Wilson


Sarah built the dining table of my dreams for me. 

The table that I originally spotted on Sarah's etsy page was the inspiration. She made it larger, and was very flexible and open to all of my feedback and suggestions about a creative option for table legs.
I couldn't have asked for anything more!  My friends and family love it, and it's the focal point of our living area!
                                                                     Rachel R. K.                               
                                                                     Laguna Beach, CA
Custom Chevron table

Custom Chevron table

Custom Chevron table

Custom Chevron table

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