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Sarah Reiss created R&R Designworks—a one-woman design studio in North Dallas—out of a desire to create aspirational art installations and furniture pieces that express wit and individuality, and to do it using salvaged and repurposed materials.

In 2011, she set to work, making each table and wall by-hand out of materials ranging from salvaged bowling alley lanes, to repurposed gym flooring, to warehouse wall lath. The resulting line of walls, tables, and benches—the compelling Chevron style, the one-of-a-kind Higbee, and the colorful (and wildly sought-after) reclaimed wood wall—were snapped up by buyers from San Francisco to New York City for their ability to convey both top-shelf luxury and hands-on artistry.

Sarah, a former international journalist specializing in travel and interiors, hails from a long line of artists. As a journalist, she covered international style events from New York Fashion Week to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, her eye always drawn to the fringes of the design world where artists were experimenting with materials and making bold choices. Today, she scouts the country, sourcing demolitions and tear-downs, always looking for an old material to make new again.

Sarah works seven days a week from a 1,000 square-foot wood studio and an equally spacious welding studio behind the Dallas home she shares with husband, Karl, and their two dogs.


"Your Chevron table is still my favorite item on all of Etsy.

I can't get over it. I'll probably never get over it. I hope you

feel the same way : )"                       –Marta

                                    Fat Heart Press, Brooklyn, NY

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